When it comes to beaches and the nightlife, Thailand clearly commands the lead and stands unrivaled by any other tourist destination. The country’s clime is naturally appealing and is further endowed with the beauty of aquamarine waters, hidden coves and spectacular islands. Coupled with an exuberantly hedonistic culture, Thailand has positioned itself as one of the major leading tourist and honeymooning destinations in the world, and if you are looking for a destination to while away some luxury time, why not pack a few evening and party prom dresses and head there right now.


Phuket is the largest Island in Thailand. It offers an alluring mix of the sun, beach and nightlife that many tourists find irresistible. Strewn across the Island are some of the most famous west-coast beaches including Kata, Kemala and Patong.Tourists who have been to Phuket laud the clear warm waters, white sands and tall palm trees of Phuket as the most breathtaking sceneries the world over. The beaches and some little known coves in the north will give every sun seeker an ecstatic thrill before they throw on their evening dresses for an even more invigorating nightlife.

Patong is the most developed and liveliest spot on the island. It is where the majority of the action goes down. During the day, the beach is transformed to a beehive of activities including jet-skiing, parasailing, snorkeling and scenic banana rides. At night, mega clubs with big DJ names keeps the party rolling.Whatever the nightlife you are looking for, Patong has something to offer, so you better come packed with only the best of your evening dresses. The party is here.


If your idea of a holiday is a seaside resort where the sun and the fun complement each other, then you should probably book the next plane to Pattaya-a lively seaside resort. Although not as clean as their counterparts in Phuket, the beaches in Pattaya provide revelers with a variety of fun watersports to keep them engaged. The nightlife in Pattaya is also wild, and you will be well advised to bring in a few prom party dresses as there is bound to be a party going down every other night. Make sure you sample the Pattaya Go-Go dancers. Their emotionally electrifying moves in clads that do not come anywhere close to a modest prom party dress are bound to leave you yearning for more and more.


No adjective can possibly serve enough justice to the crazily ecstatic nightlife in KohSamui. You simply have to taste it to believe it.The beaches are picturesque and clean. Some of the most idyllic coves and lagoons are also found here.The nightlife is amazing and trendy with activities ranging from a serene cocktail-dress dinner in fancy restaurants to legendary full moon parties and alluring traditional shows. The nightclubs here know how to choose the music that will leave you screaming and dancing yourself lame till the very morning light.

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